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How to increase Aphaeresis blood donation in Estonia?

As a part of a research we've conducted in EKA, we've found out that the highly need in aphaeresis donors do not match with the health center marketing approach and priority. In our research we focused on the main target audience, and after interviews, surveys and observations, and after a long process of ideation and validation, we came out with a few possible strategies to approach this challenge.

The project was part of Design for Social Innovation course

Master's of Interaction Design, EKA, Tallinn, Estonia

Mentored by Riina Raudne and Tanel Kärp

With me in the team were Kaspar Orasmäe and Karri Kaljend

The costumer:

North Estonia Medical Centre Foundation
Cooperation with Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA)


The Challenge:

Apheresis is a medical procedure that removes only the needed components from
the donor’s blood. It’s a novel, more beneficial and preferred method for blood
donations, yet the experience also has downsides and not so many existing
benefactors sign up for it. What are the barriers and how might we nudge blood
donors to sign up for this new service?

The Research:

  • Desk Research - articles, trends, social media, academic articles
  • Survey - 164 responses, mostly Estonian and german females
  • Interviews - 12 interviews with doctors, health center workers, blood donors and nurses.
  • Observations - 3 in total, through the hole donating process

Design Process

Service design methods:
  • Com-B
  • Blueprint
  • Social ecological model
  • Design principles
  • How Might We
  • Ideation day
  • Behavioural cards​
  • Transtheoretical model/ Stages of change

Target audience

Based on the questionnaire and interviews, prime candidates for aphaeresis are healthy young male.

For them, donorship is something to be proud of, something constant, something to achieve.

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 21.19.02.png

Donor journey map

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 21.31.25.png
How might we create more interest in the apheresis process,
by making the experience of being a blood donor more engaging and memorable?

Ideation & Validation

From the research and the design process we decided to focus on 3 directions
blood profile-04.png
blood profile-02.png

Demo Presentation

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for the full 
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