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Corona X

Visualisation of Corona virus prediction, Posted every day in social media.

Collaboration with the Data |Analyst Neal Tzur.

At the beginning of March 2020, as we were both staying in quarantine, we saw firsthand the impact of the pandemic on people's mental health. Many were feeling overwhelmed and anxious, and we wanted to find a way to help.

We decided to use our skills and expertise to create a data visualization that would provide people with a more balanced and comprehensive understanding of the situation. Neal developed an algorithm based on the realistic infection coefficient of infectious diseases, and we used my visualization skills to create a series of simple graphs and charts that showed the progression of the pandemic over time. We posted the visualisation on Facebook every day, along with a prediction for the next day's confirmed cases.

The response to the project was overwhelmingly positive. People appreciated the clear and concise way the data was presented, and many commented on how it helped them feel more informed and more secure about the situation. Some even shared the project with their friends and family, helping to spread the message further.

Overall, this project was a great opportunity for Neal and me to use our skills and expertise to make a positive impact in our community. It was rewarding to see how our work was able to help people cope with a difficult and uncertain time, and it was a valuable learning experience for us as well.

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