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MindCET Experience Center for teachers

The Product:

MindCET Experience Center for teachers and educators in Yeruham.

The Challenge:

To convey in an interactive and experiential way the changes that technology has brought to the world of education.

The Target Audience:

Teachers and Educators from all over the world

The Solution:

Building and creating strong interactive experiences that use the senses and the emotions of the visitors in order to give them an experience that will go with them after they finish to tour and even will change the way they think, teach and educate.

How did we do it?


8 Hackathons


Design & Develop

Interviews, Surveys and Observations,
As well as visiting
 e-v-e-r-y museum and visitor's Center in Israel  
Once a month.
Using the best minds we can get to develop the experiences
Prototyping and Testing every experience by itself and all of them together as a journey
Designers and developers always work better together, this is why we arranged multidisciplinary team to work on our experiences

What did we use?

for web-04.png
AR / VR​
for web-04.png
for web-04.png
Pedagogy Experts
for web-04.png
NoCode platforms
for web-04.png
AI platforms

In this 8 month program based in Yeruham I combined Product Managing with Design Thinking and created the MindCET Experience Center for teachers and educators in Yeruham.

As the Product Manager and Designer I did research and developed interactive live experiences for visitors in the vision of education and technology.

This part contained research, interviews & surveys, MVP, development and design thinking.


The MindCET Experience Center includes 10-20 interactive experiences and installations combining AI technologies, VR, AR and Mixed Reality and apps dedicated to the flow of the center.

The project is a cooperation with Tamar Knobel.


Costumer Journey 


Experiences - MVE & Prototyping

"The future of communication"
VR conversation experience using VR platform. 
"Small talk" with Alexa
Illustration of voice assistant communication and how can it effect the future
VR game for Civil Science
VR game for Civil Science
Illustration of how "wisdom of the crowed" can help self learn 
"Filter yourself"
An interactive mirror that demonstrate digital identity now days
expiriance center logo-04.png
MindMap logo - MindCET Experience Center
The name and brand 


MindCET New Building in Yeruham
UP MD Y (10).jpg
UP MD Y (1).jpg
MindMAP Experience Center plans
מרכז חוויה תכנון-01.png

Demo Presentation

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