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The Tin Soldier

Final Project at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

A visual adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's "Tin Soldier" legend.
In my work, I chose to visualise the way we look at a tragic childhood fairy tale with mature eyes. I chose to take the images out of their familiar context and to create foreignness and bizarre, expressed through fashion and movement. All the characters are played by the same actress because I see every character in the story tragic hero in itself, and each character can identify different social illness.


‏צילום מסך 2018‏.06‏.30 ב‏.00.40.49.png
‏צילום מסך 2018‏.06‏.29 ב‏.09.16.07.png
‏צילום מסך 2018‏.06‏.30 ב‏.00.27.35.png
‏צילום מסך 2018‏.06‏.29 ב‏.09.19.34.png
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